Strange New Appalachian Comic

Strange New Appalachian Comic

I could tell you that Story Time with Uncle Scratch is like nothing you've ever seen. It would be true but such an understatement. This new comic series is about young Moses Hatch, a backwoods farm boy who is pulled, living and breathing, into Appalachian folktales woven by his otherworldly mentor Uncle Scratch.
According to Sean Coxen, the comic's creator, Moses faces "head to head scrapes with the supernatural, where he’ll have to test his mettle against the howling, gibbering forces that lurk, forgotten in the eastern woodlands."
Sounds like good reading to me!
While the first issue is short at just fourteen pages, its art is expertly drawn. The images are, first, beautiful, just a joy to see, and also energetic. They create a real sense of action and motion, which is helped by Sean's smart choices as a writer. He opens with a lie and closes with the introduction of Uncle Scratch, a character my eyes can't help but study.
With twigs for hair; a bushy, fox-like tail; and exposed ribs, Scratch is an enthralling mash-up that manages to look peculiar without ever becoming menacing. (At least not yet!) His oddness is compounded by what he does, which is to say nothing weird. Uncle Scratch sips a steaming beverage and talks to young Moses like a real uncle might. There's no hocus pocus, no dragging the boy into alternate realities. The normality of the scene somehow makes Scratch's debut that much stranger.
Personally, I can't look away, but I'm excited to hear what you think. Leave a comment below, and if you like what you see, consider supporting Sean's creation. You can donate to his crowdfunding campaign over on Patreon, a site dedicated to supporting artists.


Uncle Scratch page 1
Uncle Scratch page 2
Uncle Scratch page 3