About Woodshed

In 2010, Mark Lynn Ferguson founded a scrappy blog called The Revivalist: Word from the Appalachian South. It was his way of staying connected to his homeland while living in Washington, D.C. Initially read by his mom and a couple cousins, the website grew to include lots more readers and other writers who had something to say about the region.


The more Mark Lynn wrote about Appalachia, the more he felt a pull to be there. After a few years, he sold his big city house, packed a U-Haul, and moved back to the mountains. Settling in his hometown of Roanoke, Virginia, he and his husband Alex opened a shop that sells Appalachian-made products.


In 2022, all of this Appalachian goodness — both stories and products — came together on a new website with a new name. Woodshed: An Appalachian Joint now celebrates modern Appalachian life. 


Alex is on the left, Mark Lynn on the right. They clean up pretty good.


Appalachia is unlike anywhere on earth. Defined by one of the world's oldest mountain ranges, the region has birthed everything from bluegrass to MoonPies. Our stories explore all the special things about our mountains — their unmatched natural resources; their colorful history; their quirky towns; and the talented musicians, chefs, writers, and artists who make it so much fun to visit and live here.


Before airplanes and highways, the Appalachian mountains were largely isolated from the rest of the world. But necessity bred ingenuity. Craftspeople turned scraps of fabric into beautiful quilts, hardwood into hand plows, and foraged ingredients into delicious foods. That legacy is still alive and kicking. Today's Appalachian makers pull from these rich traditions to create fresh and funky finds for you, your home, and your loved ones. Our carefully curated collection features hundreds of their wares. 


You're going to love Roanoke, Virginia, and our award-winning shop is a great starting point for your visit. It has all the products from our website plus hundreds more, including many from craftspeople in the Roanoke Valley. You can find us at 16 Church Avenue, Southwest in downtown Roanoke.

Our unique midcentury building — which was originally a cafeteria — is also home to Little Green Hive Coffee and Tea, Vintage Vault Records and Pop Collectibles, and Roanoke's only Puerto Rican eatery Delicias Boricuas.