9 Things My Appalachian Daddy Taught Me

9 Things My Appalachian Daddy Taught Me

  1. It's okay to sit in the yard in your underwear.

  2. The second coming already happened. It was called The Allman Brothers Band.

  3. Everyone loves an ABC Store gift card for Christmas.

  4. Ain't nothing more fun than bouncing along country roads in the back of a '78 Chevy truck, except driving a '78 Chevy truck on country roads.

  5. If you can drive a '78 Chevy truck, you can drive a tank. 

  6. Wear more than a corduroy jacket when you go deer hunting.

  7. You can get a decent car for $25.

  8. Never make your kid mow when it's over 100 degrees.

  9. Chainsaws are fun!